Reception Favourites


The Reception children have been thinking about some of our favourite things as part of our continued learning about understanding the world. We played the children the My Favourite Things from the Sound of Music to show how we are all very different and have many unique favourite things that are personal to us.

We asked each pupil to prepare a favourite things box at home. We were thrilled with the response when each child brought in a small box proudly displaying some of the personal items that help us to feel happy. We will be using these boxes to help with our language and oral skills over the next few weeks.

The Reception children are also making preparations for the grand Easter Bonnet Parade that will be taking place on the final day of the spring term. The children have been talking about why we wear Easter bonnets and how they add some bright colour to the general springtime feel of Easter.

We have asked each class member to try and make an Easter bonnet at home. We will then be staging the grand Michael Faraday Easter Bonnet Parade at Burgess Park. If we have some sunny Easter weather then we will also be setting up an Easter Egg Hunt in the park as well.

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