Y1 Biscuit Making

Year 1 are preparing for Mother’s Day by making some special biscuits to take home as a present for our mums. We have been carefully following some instructions to decorate the biscuits with some icing sugar. The children have been learning how to drizzle the mixture so that just the right amount is used on our special biscuits. The finishing touch is a love heart cherry to be placed on top.

Year 1

As well as the delicious biscuits, Year 1 have also been designing a Mother’s Day card to take home. The children have been writing a unique individual message for their mums. We wanted each class member to think about what their mum means to them, and to then express this in a short message.

Year 1

Elsewhere around Year 1 and we had a really enjoyable trip to see our friends at the London Wildlife Trust. This visit was part of the ongoing project where Sylvia and her team have been helping to make our school playground suitable to attract wildlife.

We were able to learn about the work that the Wildlife Trust carries out in London. This was the perfect time for the trip with the spring weather starting to help many plants and wildlife to grow.

The children played many games during the visit, all based around how wildlife needs sun and water to grow. We pretended to be a small seed that was waiting for some water. When the raindrops appeared, we then acted out how the seeds might grow into big plants.

All Year 1 pupils were given their own special been seed to plant. We placed these in a plastic cup, making sure that they were planted at the correct depth in the soil.

These seeds will be taken home over the Easter holidays for the children to look after. We are encouraging each class member to use their knowledge about what is needed for plants to grow. The Year 1 pupils have been asked to keep a personal diary documenting any signs of growth that they can see.

You can find out a little more by listening to the audioboo below.

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