Year 2 Puppets

Year 2 have been continuing with our current class topic looking at old and new toys. Our work has now started to look at puppets and the different types that are used to tell stories.

Both Year 2 classes had a recent trip to the nearby Horniman Museum. Our visit was arranged to look in detail at the wonderful puppet collection that the museum has on display.

The children were able to look at stick puppets, finger puppets and shadow puppets. We saw how although they are used for similar purposes, each different type of puppet can tell a story with a slight twist.

Our puppet work is continuing back at Michael Faraday. Each class member has started work on making a stick puppet. We asked the pupils to think about the design of their puppets first: what materials would we like to use? How can we make them? What effect would we like our puppets to have?

The children have thought carefully about the facial expressions that they would like their puppets to show. Once these are complete we are hopeful of staging a special Year 2 puppet show.

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