Year 3 Assembly

Year 3

Year 3 staged an emotive assembly looking at Mother’s Day and the reasons as to why we celebrate it. We started off our presentation by welcoming our friends from around the school into our assembly by playing Pharrell Williams’ Happy. This was a song that set the theme for what was to come.

The pupils have been looking at the history of Mother’s Day and why this day was first celebrated some 400 years ago. We have been comparing how it was originally celebrated, and what we now do to make Mother’s Day such a special occasion.

Some of the pupils offered some suggestions as to how their mums might want to enjoy Mother’s Day. We asked other friends in the assembly to share their thoughts.

We finished the assembly by asking a final thought: how can you show your Mum that you love her? You can hear some of the thoughts in the audioboo below.

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