Year 4 Science Week Explosions!

Year 4 have been celebrating Science Week at Michael Faraday School with a series of controlled explosions! We welcomed our long-term school friend Paul Newman into our class to help set up a series of safe experiments that were plenty of fun.

Paul explained our main aim: what difference does the temperature make when we are creating an explosion? The pupils then had a demonstration of the experiment that we would soon be completing to help answer our scientific question.

Year 4

The apparatus included a small plastic capsule with a lid, a larger plastic glass, four bowls of water of varying temperature, a thermometer, a stopwatch and the magic paracetamol stomach tablets that would be setting off our controlled explosion.

We observed how the tablets created a small explosion when exposed to hot or warm water. We controlled this by placing the tablet inside the small plastic capsule. We knew that the explosion had taken place when the lid had been blown off. The larger plastic glass contained the explosion.

Year 1

Our task as young scientists was to test four different levels of temperature to see if this altered the time it took for the reaction to take place. Working in pairs we had one class member setting up the explosion whilst the other timed it. All of the data was logged on our fact sheets.

We talked about how important it was as scientists to create a fair experiment. Each small plastic container was of the exact same size. Predictions were made ahead of the testing. We introduced new vocabulary into our work such as variables.

What conclusions did Year 4 find during Science Week? You can find out by watching the short video above.

Year 1

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