Year 5 Science Week

Year 5

Year 5 have been working with some Doctors from the Centre of the Cell at Bart’s Hospital as part of our learning for Science Week. We welcomed the Doctors into our school after they very kindly agreed to give up some of their time to help the pupil out with some science learning.

A range of different workstations were set up so that Year 5 could explore some varied scientific topics. These covered mapping levels of air pollution in London, exploring windpipes and foraging in dog snot!

Year 4

Our study of pollution involved the pupils looking at a map of East London, and then investigating the varying levels of air pollution. We compared the environment around four distinct areas: a local park, a school, the Thames and a busy road.

Year 4

Year 5 were then able to look at some of the factors that lead to an increase in pollution. We saw how the morning and evening rush hours lead to an increase in pollution levels along the main road. We plotted the levels of pollution on a series of graphs to show clearly how these time periods have poor air quality. The pupils then mapped the pollution hot spots on our giant map of London.

Year 4

Another Year 5 group had a great time exploring the Sputum Splatter – aka foraging in dog snot! A large container full of a green slime substance (not snot!) was made available for Year 5 to explore. Inside was a series of scientific fact cards relating to body fluids and cells.

Each pupil got to read out the fact card, and then to think about if this was a healthy or unhealthy part of our bodies. Examples included white blood cells, saliva, mucus, cell debris and bacteria. We then sorted these cards into good or bad phenomena.

A final group looked at the role of the windpipe within our bodies. This also had some crossover with the work that we had carried our regarding air pollution. The pupils got to see a large-scale model of a human windpipe in action. We could observe how the air is sucked in, and how vital this is in helping us to continue to breathe.

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  • April 10, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    my kid had so much fun she asked me if she could do it again.

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