Year 6 Buggy Video

Year 6 have been building some propeller-powered buggies as part of our Science Week learning. Our science friend Paul Newman was welcomed into Year 6 to help with the design and building of the buggies.

The first part of the process involved the following of some detailed instructions. Safety was also a consideration with glue guns and small saws being used to help construct our models.

At the heart of each buggy is a small circuit. This is a theme that we have already been exploring as part of our regular science work. Paul showed the pupils how to build in a simple switch to power each buggy. This was built with a clever use of a paper clip.

With the buggies now built, the pupils can now start to think about customising their designs. The pupils have been thinking about the type of materials that they would like to use to personalise their designs. Safety is also an issue – each buggy needs to be able to carry a toy passenger who doesn’t fall out.

This process is all part of the prestigious Michael Faraday Buggy Race to be staged on the final day of the spring term. A Boys Vs Boys race will be run, followed by a Girls Vs Girls staging. The Grand Champions Final will see the fastest buggies competing for the grand title.

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