Reception Activities


The Reception children will be reading the Leopard’s Drum book throughout the summer term. This is a traditional African tale that teaches the children the importance of sharing.

Linked in with this work will be the continued travels of the Reception Super Bear. Our friendly super hero is currently somewhere in Africa. He very kindly sends regular letters or emails to the Michael Faraday children to update them on his travels. We are looking forward to finding out what Super Bear has been seeing, having learnt about life in some parts of Africa through our class-reading book.

Rhythm and syllables will be a strong literacy theme in Reception throughout the summer term. This is an important part of the literacy learning for the children. We will be looking at some of the everyday words that we use during conversations, and then counting the number of syllables that we can hear.

The children are also excited about the Reception garden centre that we are starting to plan. We are putting aside a special area in our outdoor space to help to grow some plants. Cress and sunflower seeds will hopefully brighten up the gardening area.

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