Year 1 Summer Topics

Year 1

Year 1 have been looking at sharing and grouping as part of our maths work at the start of the summer term. This is an early introduction to multiplication and division. The children will be learning about the mathematical signs that we use when carrying out this type of operation.

Our science work has been exploring the concepts of a push or a pull. We took all of the children out on a practical investigation to the nearby park. Year 1 were able to explore the different apparatus, and then describe if a push or a pull helped the equipment to move. An example might be that a push is needed for a swing to move, whereas a pull could help to rotate a roundabout.

Year 1 will be looking at how to recount stories as part of our literacy work for the new term. We have been learning about what is meant by writing in the past tense, and how this differs from other forms of storytelling. Some highly descriptive recounts of the Easter holiday activities have been completed by the pupils.

Finally our ICT work in Year 1 will look at how we can re-tell stories using digital tools. We don’t want to give too much away, but our Year 1 friend Barney Bear will feature heavily! The children will be introduced to software that helps us to tell a story using the school laptops.

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