Year 2 Science

Year 2

Year 2 have started a new science topic for the summer term looking at the idea of variance. This theme involves looking for differences and similarities in the natural world.

We have started our work by looking at a leaf. The children were all asked to draw the same leaf that they could see in front of them. We found that although we were all using the same subject matter, our pictures were very different. We talked about how this might be connected to the different ways that we are all able to view the world.

Our variance topic will continue throughout the summer term with plants and animals also being observed. We want the Year 2 pupils to look closely for examples of variance within similar species. It is also important to look for similarities. An example might be a pig and a sheep; both animals have four legs, but they appear very different.

This is a theme that we will then use to examine the variance amongst class members in Year 2. We are all uniquely different, yet share similar physical characteristics. The children will be comparing appearances and documenting this data in a scientific form.

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