Year 3 Creative Writing

Year 3

Year 3 have started work on a creative writing project inspired by the power of a single image. Our main learning intention was to be able to describe what we can see in a picture. We soon found that what appears to be a simple image can contain many different ideas and depth.

We displayed on the class whiteboard a picture of what appeared to be St George slaying a dragon. Each class member was invited to contribute a thought as to what they could see.

Year 3 were then asked to look beyond the image within the scene. What is in the background? How would you describe these features? What clues do they tell you about the overall setting?

Any new words that were contributed were listed on the class whiteboard. These included camouflage, charging and jousting.

The pupils then started to develop their own narrative based around the image. We decided that the waterfall setting was magical. There is possibly a strange presence lurking within the water. Descriptions were offered that helped the picture to become alive. The pupils were encouraged to use synonyms and adjectives.

This shared knowledge was then used for each class member to write their own opening passage to a piece of fiction based on the picture. You can listen to some of these ideas being explored in the podcast below.

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