Nursery Phonics


The Nursery children have been making good progress as we continue with our phonics learning. We have made available plenty of sound and word puzzles to help make the connection between letters and the sounds that they can make. The children have enjoyed playing with the magnetic letters whilst exploring new sounds.

We have also been continuing to look at the story of The Gruffalo in the Nursery. We have been describing the main character and thinking about his actions in the story.

An alert Nursery learner pointed out that the Gruffalo was probably a male character. This led to the idea from some of the Nursery children to create a new character – Grufella!

We have been thinking about what this female version of the character might be like. How would we describe her appearance? Where does she live? Has she got any friends?

You can listen to a selection of out thoughts in the short recording below.

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