Reception African Vid

The Reception children had a great time during a recent African drumming and dancing workshop. Our friends from African Experience visited Michael Faraday and showed the children some African drumming rhythms and dance routines.

The African theme is connected to the continued travels of Super Bear. The Reception special friend has been visiting African countries, and then sending letters back to the children at Michael Faraday.

We also had an insight into African culture when Joyce very kindly gave a talk about Ghana, her home country. The children loved the traditional Gahnaian costume that Joyce wore. We had plenty of questions to ask her.

Elsewhere in Reception and we have been working on improving our written literacy work ahead of the transition to Year 1 at the start of September. We have been talking about the importance of punctuation. The Reception children are now using full stops, commas and question marks.

The teaching staff have been greatly encouraged by the level of written work that has been produced at home. This is something that we always encourage. Some of the pupils have been re-writing their favourite stories and adding in illustrations. Writing independently is a skill that the children will be building upon when they reach Year 1. The teaching staff always share these with other class members when they are brought in.

Most of the maths syllabus has now been completed for this term. The Reception children will be spending the remainder of our maths time re-capping and remembering the core skills that we have learnt. These include halving, doubling and sharing.

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