Variance in Year 2

Year 2

Year 2 have been undertaking some practical research as part of our science topic of variance. The children have already observed physical variance in the plant and animal world. We are now looking at the levels of variation amongst our class friends.

The main aim for this work was to understand the differences between all of the Year 2 pupils. Of particular interest were measuring the size of our hands, our feet and the circumference of our heads. The apparatus for this experiment was a tape measure and a ruler. We recorded all of our results on a science data sheet.

Once the measurements had been taken, each group then went about the task of ordering the results in a high to low sequence. We then invited each group to give a short presentation to the rest of the class. We asked our friends to first predict who might have the largest hand span. We were surprised to find out that the overall height of a pupil had no relationship with the size of our other body parts.

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