Y1 Creative Writing

Year 1

Year 1 have produced some thoughtful work based around the eco-friendly book Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World. As the title suggests, this is an information book that looks at why our world is so special and how we can help to improve where we live.

Each pupil has completed a written piece of work explaining why the world is so important to them. We asked the pupils to use as many adjectives as possible to describe where we live and what we can see.

This work will take on a practical theme when we look at re-cycling boxes. We are also going to look at how we can save electricity and water at home and at school.

Another theme that will be explored is that of endangered species. We are looking at the possibility of Year 1 adopting a hedgehog and helping to fund a safe environment in which it can live.

We will also be taking the children out on a litter walk around the school and local area. Our key message here is that we can do many small things to help our world that can have a larger impact if everyone acts in a similar way.

You can listen to some of the written work being read out by a selection of the pupils in the recording below.

Year 1

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