Y3 Science Work

Year 3

Year 3 have been investigating what role the stem of a plant plays as part of our science investigations for the summer term. An aim, a method, results and a conclusion were all required.

We started off our work by asking the class members to make a prediction: what might happen if we leave a flower and a stick of celery in a vessel containing coloured water? We had various predictions with the pupils unsure as to how the flower and celery might react.

Both the flower and the celery were placed in the same vessel for our experiment. This was important so as to keep our experiment a fair test.

The Year 3 pupils then observed what was happening at regular intervals. We logged our findings in our science books. We found that over a period of time, both the flower and the celery absorbed the food colouring. The stem of the flower and the body of the celery both changed coloured.

We were then able to conclude that the stem carries out the role of providing water to the rest of the body. We demonstrated how coloured water could move upwards. This is the main route in which any plant life can absorb nutrition.

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