Year 5 Cinquain Poetry Podcast

Year 5

Year 5 have been looking at the precise technique that is required to write a cinquain poem. This is a highly structured form of writing that has a distinct pattern. The first line starts with two syllabus, the second with four, the third with six, the fourth with eight, and then the final line returns to only two syllables.

Year 5 have used the subject matter of one of their close family members in which to write a piece of cinquain poetry. You can listen to a selection of our thoughtful work in the recording below.

The pupils are now working towards presenting their cinquain poems as part of a class display. We will be adding to this with our binca embroidery work. This is a sewing technique that we have seen as part of our Victorian topic learning. The family person mentioned in our cinquains will have their name sewn as part of the binca.

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