Michael Faraday Dance Club

The Year 1 and Year 2 Dance Club recently put on a showcase performance in front of parents and friends of Michael Faraday School. The young dancers meet each Monday after school under the expert guidance of Dance Leader Zoe.

Many weeks of preparation was put in ahead of the performance. Careful planning went into our costumes, with each dance club member having a customised funky T-shirt. We performed to three different songs, each one having a custom routine and feel. We finished off with some wonderful free styling. The response from the audience was fantastic.

A new group of Reception and 2 dancers will now meet after school each Monday as we rotate membership of the dance club. Many thanks for all the support that the young dancers receive at home. We supply a CD of the songs to rehearse to so that all the moves can be learnt.

Thank you as well to the parents and friends who were able to come out and support the dancers. You can watch some short clips in the video above.

Dance Club

Dance Club

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