Nursery Gruffalo Hunt!


The Nursery children enjoyed a recent trip to the nearby Sydenham Hill Wood. We have been reading The Gruffalo book throughout the summer term. We were hopeful of finding a Gruffalo with a special hunt arranged during our trip!

We arrived at the woods to find that a special Gruffalo trail had been laid out for us. The children were able to follow some of the clues to help lead us towards the Gruffalo. We finally managed to find a friendly Gruffalo puppet and some of his friends who were waiting for us at the end of the trail. The Gruffalo also left a letter for us to read and take back to school.

The Nursery children were also able to explore many other forms of woodland creatures and minibeasts. We saw some squirrels as well as some worms. We talked about how important it is not to disturb any woodland wildlife, and always to return any minibeasts where we first found them.

Back in the Michael Faraday Nursery and the children are now learning about caterpillars. We have set up a special caterpillar habitat. The children will be feeding the caterpillars and observing any changes during their growth. We will also be learning some songs about caterpillars.

We have also produced plenty of posters about our Sydenham Hill Wood trip. The children took some photos during the day of what we were able to find. These are now displayed on our posters.

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