Reception Topics


The Reception children have started to read a new book – Aaaaarrgghh Spider! As the title suggests, this is a great introduction to the wonderful world of mini beasts. This is a topic that the children will be learning about for the remainder of the summer term.

All of the children are now familiar with the story. We have started to talk about some of the ideas in the book. These include different ways in which we can observe mini beasts without disturbing their own environment.

Elsewhere in the Reception and we continue to hear from our very good friend Super Bear. The Reception super hero is still on his world travels and has now reached Europe. Super Bear is currently in Italy. The children have been learning a little more about the country and the culture. We will soon have an Italian food tasting session.

The Reception children are also making great use of the outdoor play space. We have set up a gardening corner and have planted some sunflowers. We have made sure that the seeds are in the brightest part of the playground, as well as watering them regularly. Once the plants start to grow, we will be monitoring and measuring their development.

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