Y2 New History Topic

Year 2

Year 2 have been researching the life of Florence Nightingale as part of our recent history learning. This is a cross-curricular activity, with geography and literacy also forming part of this work.

We started off the new topic by watching a short video about the life of Florence Nightingale. The children were able to locate on our timelines the period when Florence was helping to care for people in hospitals. Our research showed us how Florence was a manager at a London hospital. When the Crimean War broke out in 1854, she was determined to travel to the region to help the injured British soldiers.

Year 2 have been looking at a map of Europe to see how far the journey was from London to the Crimean. We have held class discussions to think about what modes of transport she may have used. All of the pupils have completed a literacy exercise based around this journey. We asked the children to think about some of the sights, sounds and smells that Florence might have encountered during her travels.

This topic will continue for the remainder of the summer term. Year 2 will be looking at the work that Florence carried out in the Crimean, and how medical treatment was very different to what we can receive today.

You can listen to the thoughts on Florence Nightingale from a couple of Year 2 pupils in the recording below.

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