Year 3 Green Fingers!

Year 3 celebrated World Environment Day by holding a class discussion about the different ways in which we can all help to improve the local area around us. We introduced the topic with three key themes: Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle.

The pupils then looked at how we can use these three strong messages as we go about our everyday activities. Examples included not using plastic bags, trying to not waste food and to power down any electrical items if we are not using them.

Year 3 looked at the local area and offered suggestions as to how we can help to make it environmentally friendly. All the pupils talked about how much they enjoy playing at nearby Burgess Park. We spoke about the importance of picking up any litter if we have been out in the park.

The pupils have produced a series of posters to help put across the theme of World Environment Day. We will be displaying these around the school to help spread the Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle message to our other friends.

There has also been a very practical element to our environment work. The Year 3 class balcony has now been converted into a mini-allotment. Tomatoes and beans have been planted. The pupils have been taking it in turns to water the plants each morning. A couple of our keen gardeners give a guided tour of the Year 3 green space in the video above.

Year 3

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