Year 5 Quiz Team

Year 5

There is great excitement within Year 5 as our special team of quiz experts are preparing to enter a prestigious competition. Our friends at the Museum of London are organising a London based quiz for primary school pupils. We have entered a Year 5 team to help showcase our knowledge of the city.

The quiz comprises two online rounds. The successful teams that emerge from these will then be invited to take part in a grand quiz final that will take place at the Museum of London.

We have been carrying out plenty of preparation for the quiz in Year 5. Dave has been helping the pupils to research some of the topics, as well as to suggest some techniques to help us keep calm during the quiz.

The subject matter is varied – the museums of London, London footballers and the bubonic plague! You can hear how the Year 5 team are preparing for the quiz by listening to the podcast below.

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