Reception Maths


The Reception children have been recounting some of their maths knowledge as we approach the end of the school year at Michael Faraday School. A large part of our learning has been to look at doubling single digit numbers. This has children to an introduction to arithmetic with sums such as 2 + 2, 4 + 4 or 8 + 8 being answered.

The children approached this work by thinking about what it means when we double a number. We have had help some help from Super Bear, our special Reception friend. Super Bear show the children two apples on the class whiteboard. Our task was to double the amount of fruit.

The children now feel confident in writing number sentences. We have looked at the correct way in which to write a sum, such as 5 = 5 = 10. We have also looked at the techniques to help us solve these sums. These involve drawing five apples, and then drawing five apples again. Some pupils were able to solve the sums using mental maths.

We finished off our maths session with a song to help remind us of some of the doubling facts.

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