Y5 Greek Assembly

Year 5

Both Year 5 classes are preparing for the Southwark Splash concert that takes place at the Royal Festival Hall on 9 July. The main theme for the gathering of Southwark primary school talent this year is Ancient Greece. In particular the seven different types of love as defined by the Ancient Greeks will feature.

We have used this as an opportunity at Michael Faraday School to research the Ancient Greeks and some of the myths and legends associated with the civilisation. Pat’s class recently put on a school assembly to help share our knowledge.

We started our assembly by singing one of the songs that we have been rehearsing for Southwark Splash. All pupils were proudly wearing their Ancient Greek costumes.

We posed a series of historical and geographical questions for our other friends in the school. Artwork was also displayed. The pupils have been painting freehand a map of the Ancient Greek empire. The highlight of the Year 5 assembly was the acting out of a traditional Greek play. We told the story of how Athens became the capital city.

Year 5 will be staging a second Ancient Greece assembly next week. We will be looking at the idea of democracy and how the Ancient Greeks were able to introduce this.

Year 5

Year 5

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