Year 6 Journey & Play

Year 6

Year 6 returned from Bournemouth after a fantastic week away on the Michael Faraday School journey. The idea of the trip away was as a reward for all the hard work that the students have put in to their SATS work. Plus it was a great opportunity for both classes to bond ahead of moving on to different secondary schools in September.

We encouraged the pupils to be as independent as possible during the week away. Daily bedroom inspections took place with scores being awarded for tidiness. There was also a little more learning to complete with some visits to historical places of interest. Plus no school journey is complete without an end of week disco!

You can find out a little more about the Year 6 week away in Bournemouth in the audioboo below.

With the pupils now back at Michael Faraday and with SATS complete, our last remaining project as Year 6 pupils is to perform the prestigious school play. Rehearsals are already well underway for the production – an original piece of work that has a timely world football theme.

We don’t want to give too much away at this early stage. Lines are being learnt, costumes are being sourced and the pupils are designing some colourful posters. Showtime is 21 July with a 2pm and 6pm performance for parents and friends of Year 6 pupils.

Year 6

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