Nursery Art Video

The Nursery children have been preparing for our visit to the Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern by looking at bright colours. Experimentation and learning independently has been a key theme. We have encouraged the children to explore how we can mix together two different colours to create a different outcome.

Year 3

Plenty of colour strips have been created. We have been talking about how this is something that we might see at the Matisse exhibition. We will also introduce to the Nursery children to abstract ideas based around colours: Can we smell them? Can we hear them?

Year 3

Elsewhere around the Michael Faraday and we are continuing to make progress in our small learning groups. The children take part in learning activities that are aimed to improve their own specific needs.

One of these is the Vocabulary group. The children have been learning about different body parts. We warmed up for this exercise with one of our favourite songs – Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

The children have also been reading a body parts story. This is a descriptive story that shows how our body parts are all related. We have been encouraging the children to self-identify the various parts of their body. Stickers have been used to label the different body part names.

Year 3

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