Y5 Assembly & Quiz

Year 5

Year 5 recently staged the second half of their Ancient Greece assembly. We have been exploring further some of the themes that the students have been learning as part of the Southwark Splash performance that we are taking part in at the Royal Festival Hall later in the month.

Year 5

Our second Ancient Greece assembly looked at the idea of democracy. We started off by defining what is meant by this term, and then looked at how Ancient Greece was one of the first early civilisations to call itself democratic.

Year 5

Two traditional Greek plays were then acted out – the Tortoise and the Hare, and Arachne and Athena.

Year 5

We explained during the assembly that both plays contain a similar theme. We asked our friends to try and think what this might be. The idea of pride becoming before a fall was a useful contribution.

Year 5

Year 5 finished off their assembly by singing another song that we are rehearsing for Southwark Splash. This has a strong message about love and humanity. You can hear some of these ideas being explored in the recording below.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and we are absolutely thrilled to report that our super quiz team has made it through to the grand final of the Museum of London Quiz.

We are one of three teams in all of London that has been successful and invited to battle it out face to face at the Museum of London. Out team has so far taken part in two online stages in order to achieve the prestige of a place in the final.

Dave has been continuing his work in helping to prepare the Michael Faraday team for the final. The final will include subjects covering Forgotten London, London Neighbourhood and The Blitz.

We are all very excited about meeting Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, during out Grand Final visit.

Good luck Year 5!

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