Year 2 Katie Morag

Year 2

Year 2 have been learning all about Katie Morag and her adventures on the Isle of Coll as part of our geography learning. We have been finding out how life on a remote Scottish island is different to our environment in South London.

We started off our work by using Google Maps to take a closer look at the Isle of Coll. The children were able to zoom in on certain features to find out more about the landscape. Year 2 then looked at a paper copy of the map. We were able to identify the many map signs such as a mountain, a church or a river.

The children have been comparing and contrasting life on the Isle of Coll with our own surroundings. Each class member has produced a piece of written work explaining what we like about the Isle, what we don’t like and whether we would like to live there or not.

We have encouraged Year 2 to write their answers in complete sentences and to include as much detail as possible. You can listen to some of these being read out in the recording below.

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