Year 3 Geography

Year 3

Year 3 have been researching the culture of differnet countires as part of our Passport to the World project. Each pupil has chosen a particular country from around the world. Our task was then to research as much detail as possible about the country.

We have been working online to find out the name of the capital city, what the climate is like and some fun facts. The pupils have then used this information to create a poster. We have also included information for possible travellers, telling them what might be some good items to pack ahead of a trip.

Year 3

Other work in Year 3 has included our participation in the wonderful City of London Festival parade! The theme for this event was our favourite stories. Year 3 chose James and the Giant Peach as the inspiration for our colurful costumes.

Each class member was able to make their own costumes in class. We had plenty of insects, ladybirds and even a gloworm! The teaching staff also took part with Aunty Sponge and Spiker being represented.

The grand parade itself started at The Guildhall and then moved through the City. We finished off outside St Paul’s Cathedral at the end of a highly successful event. The children were then able to watch a magnifficent performance of Matilda.

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