Harvest Festival Assembly


We welcomed the new Year 3 pupils into a school assembly recently. This was the first time that they attended as Key Stage 2 pupils. Pauline led the assembly, themed timely around the idea of the Harvest Festival.

The assembly started with the playing of We Plough the Fields and Scatter. Pauline asked all of the Key Stage 2 pupils to think about the meaning of the song, and what this might suggest that our assembly is about.

One suggestion was about growing food. Pauline then asked a further series of questions about what we mean by a harvest, and some of the words in the song such as gathering up the crops.

We then found out that not all countries celebrate a Harvest Festival. This might be because they are sadly not able to grow a harvest that is able to feed them. We learnt that countries such as England or America are fortunate in that most people can be fed sufficiently.

Pauline asked the pupils what it might feel like if we were unable to afford to buy food. We then watched a short video of a man in the UK who had just lost his job and sadly wasn’t able to buy any food for his family. We were introduced to the idea of a Food Bank, and how these can help out.

Pauline concluded the Harvest Festival assembly by asking the pupils to think about people that are unable to afford to buy any food. It was mentioned that we could perhaps help when we are next out shopping. If we could afford to buy any extra non-perishable items, these would be very welcome donations at a Food Bank.

A couple of Year 5 pupils explain a little more about the special assembly in the recording below.

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