Settling into Reception


We are delighted in the way that the two new Reception classes have been settling into the new term at Michael Faraday. Most of the children from the previous Nursery groups have made the step up to Reception. We are also welcoming ten new starters to Michael Faraday.

The first few days of the new term have been spent exploring the many learning and playing resources that we have at Michael Faraday. We have encouraged the children to select an activity that they enjoy, as well as sharing and helping out other friends with their play.

The teaching staff have discovered already that super heroes are an incredibly popular topic for the new Reception children. We will be returning to this idea later in the term, but for now we have used the idea of super heroes to help learn the school rules.


The children have been learning how we can all become super students if we are able to follow the simple rules that help us all to succeed at Michael Faraday School.

We have been asking the Reception children what they are already super good at. Some of these special skills include being great listeners, how to be a fantastic friend or being able to sit sensibly on the class carpet.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear will be our first class reading book in Reception. We have many tasks to explore as we learn about this story. We are hopeful of holding a Reception Teddy Bear’s Picnic later in the term.

A fantastic start to the new school term Reception!


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