Y3 Maths, Geography & ICT

Year 6

The Year 3 pupils at Michael Faraday School have started Key Stage 2 with some detailed maths work. We have been looking at the idea of partitions. By this we mean how many hundreds, tens and units a number can be broken down into.

An example might be 609 – there are 6 hundreds, no tens and 9 units. Partitioning is the fundamental building block that we use throughout our Key Stage 2 maths teaching at Michael Faraday.

The children have also been practicing their character formation and number writing skills. We know that it is not sufficient to be able to answer detailed maths questions – we also need to be able to present our work in a clear and readable manner!

Our geography work in Year 3 has involved mapping the many backgrounds that we are proud to call home. We are fortunate in that we have a fantastic mix of pupils in Year 3 from many corners of the globe. We have been using the school atlases to research our home countries, and then plot these on a giant map of the world.

Finally the Year 3 pupils have been enjoying the new ICT curriculum. This has now introduced an element of coding into the learning knowledge. We have used some software called Scratch to help animate a cartoon character. The children input various commands to make the character behave in a certain sequence.

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