Year 2 Literacy Video

Year 2 have wasted no time in learning some new maths and literacy skills at the start of the new school year. The pupils have been improving their skills in writing numbers as words. This is an important skill that helps us make the connection between numbers and words. One, two and even three digit numbers have been successfully converted.

Misery Moo will be our main reading book in Year 2 for the autumn term. All of the children are already familiar with the story. We have been building upon this knowledge to help improve our own storytelling techniques.

We have encouraged Year 2 to use words that help to improve our stories. These include once upon a time, so, one day, next, and finally etc.

Each pupil has drawn a storyboard explaining the main events in the Misery Moo story. We then used a series of post it notes to add our special story words to the plot.

We will concentrate on sentence structure and reasoning over the coming weeks. We want all pupils to be able to use words such as ‘because’ to help explain some of the reasons why a particular plot is developing.

You can watch a couple of the Year 2 pupils explaining a little more about this work in the video above.

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