Year 5 History Podcast

Year 5

Year 5 have started the new school year with a new history topic. We will be spending a large part of the autumn term learning all about Ancient Greece.

As an introduction to this topic we have been looking at the work of Aesop. The pupils have been researching his background. We have found that Aesop is a fascinating character as no one is really sure if he existed or not.

One theory is that he was possibly kept as a slave in Ancient Greece. He had a remarkable talent for telling stories. His reputation was so favourable that he was granted his freedom if he continued to tell stories.

Year 5 have observed that many of Aesop’s Fables involve animals as the main characters. We have seen this is because he liked to make fun of humans. He placed animals in his stories as human substitutes, to show how silly some people can be.

A couple of Year 5 pupils explain a little more about their Aesop research in the recording below.

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