Reception Maths Singing Video

The Reception children have been learning how to recognise different numbers as we continue to make progress with our counting skills. Many different counting games have been played on the reception whiteboard. We invite each class member to come up to the whiteboard to identify a particular number.

Most of the children are now able to count up to 30. We have introduced some lively maths songs to help us remember the correct sequence on the school number line. We have had some help with this activity from our class friend, Super Bear. The children have been demonstrating their own super powers when it comes to counting.

Our next Maths topic in Reception will involve looking at different shapes. We will be helping the children to identify shapes by looking at their properties. The children will be learning about the number of sides that each shape has, as well as the length of the sides and the corners.

Invites will be sent out shortly to all parents and carers of Reception children for our special maths workshop. This will take place after school on 15 October. The teaching staff will be able to talk about how we approach our maths learning at Michael Faraday School, and how parents and carers can help to boost this knowledge back at home.

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