Year 1 Help Out Super Hero Traction Man

Year 1

Year 1 have had some special help during literacy lessons from our super hero friend Traction Man. This is a character who has some very special powers that can help us all with our learning.

In return Traction Man needs some help from the Year 1 children. He has written a letter to both Year 1 classes, explaining how he is having some problems with the ogres. He has certain super powers, but not quite enough to be able to overcome his ogre issues.

The children have all written a personal letter to Traction Man to explain how they might be able to help. We have asked the Year 1 pupils to describe what super powers they might have, and how these will be of use to Traction Man.

Each class member has also thought of their own super hero character. We have explained what we look like as well as thinking of a super hero name. Our D & T time in Year 1 has been spent making our super hero costumes. Later in the term we will stage a super hero parade.

You can listen to some of these ideas being explored in the recording below.

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