Year 2 Maths Video

Year 2 have been carrying out some complex maths work using the system of an empty number line to help us with our subtraction. This involves understanding what calculation is required in each sum, and then making sure that we use the right numbers when we count back on our empty number line.

We have been encouraging the pupils to use a system of self-correction if they think that their first answer may not be quite right.

This system requires a strong visualisation for the jumps that we need to make to solve a sum. You can see how this works out in the short video above.

Year 2

Elsewhere in Year 2 and our literacy work has been looking at useful techniques that we can use when asking a question. We welcomed into our class Yi Kai, a visiting Chinese teacher who we are very happy to have with us at Michael Faraday School.

Year 2 prepared for this visit by thinking about some suitable questions that they would like to ask Yi Kai. We have been learning about how important the tone in our voice is if we want to put across our questions clearly. Plus also how a powerful question requires a detailed answer, and not just a yes or no. This work has been presented in our literacy books.

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