Year 4 Start New Masks Topic

Year 4

Year 4 have started a new topic looking at the history of masks. The pupils have been thinking about why people might want to wear a mask and what the significance is. We have found that masks are often associated with ceremonies and rituals. They might even be used to scare an opponent. We have seen how a modern day example of this might be a mask worn by a professional wrestler.

As well as the appearance, Year 4 are also learning about the materials that are used to make masks. We have seen how wood is traditionally used. Pauline very kindly brought in a collection of African masks for us to study. Each class member has produced a detailed sketch of their favourite mask.

We are all looking forward to a trip the nearby Horniman Museum to study this topic in more detail. The Horniman has a magnificent collection of masks. We will be able to see masks from all around the world, and then compare and contrast the masks found in the Horniman collection.

Year 4

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