Reception Counting & Biscuit Bear Work

The Reception children have been learning how to identify different types of shapes as part of our maths learning. We have been learning how we can identify different shapes by looking at the number of sides, corners and angles that each shape has.

We started off a recent session with a musical warm up. The children have been having great fun singing some shape songs to help us with our learning.


After a brief refresh of their knowledge, the Reception children were now ready for the practical part of the learning – a Shape Hunt in the Reception outdoor space!


Each group was given a list of shapes. Our challenge was to look around our play space and to try and find and identify as many different shapes as possible. We had to match each finding with a shape on our sheet, and then explain to our friends why we thought it might be a particular type of shape.


Our maths work will continue over the coming weeks to look at the concepts of size and position. We will be helping the children to use phrases such as ‘on top of, behind or underneath’ when explaining ideas related to space.





The Reception teaching staff are looking forward to welcoming as many parents and carers as possible to our adult maths session taking place at the school at 3:30pm on 15 October. This will be an opportunity to see how we approach our maths learning in the Michael Faraday Reception. We hope to help parents to continue with this learning in the home environment.

Elsewhere in Reception and the children have been busy helping out Biscuit Bear. We arrived in the Reception classroom one morning to find that there had been an incident: all of our biscuits had been eaten!

We asked the Reception children to become detectives for the morning and to try and solve the mystery. We looked for clues around our classroom. The children were surprised to see that paw prints were close to where the biscuits had been eaten. There was also a not saying ‘lots of licks.’

The Reception children concluded that Bongo the Dog had eaten the biscuits. We built a friendly trap for Bonzo. When we caught him we were able to forgive him for being a naughty dog. The children then built Bongo a home where he can feel safe.

You can find out more about this whole incident in the video below.

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