Year 2 Trip to West London Synagogue


Both Year 2 classes recently enjoyed a wonderful day out at the West London Synagogue. We have been learning about the Jewish faith and in particular the type of buildings that Jewish people like to worship in.

We were incredibly fortunate to find that our visit coincided with Sukkoth, the Jewish festival that celebrates the New Year. The children were able to use the special Sukkah space, an area in the Synagoge that is only open during the Sukkoth period.

The main interest for our visit was to look at the sacred Jewish Torah scrolls. We have been learning back at school about the history of the Torah and why Jewish people treat them with such respect. We were shown a yad, a special instrument that is used when reading the scrolls. We learnt that the Torah is so special that it would be disrespectful to touch it with your hand.

You can listen to some of the Year 2 children explaining a little more about their West London Synagogue trip in the short recording below.

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