Year 4 Varjak Paw Podcast


Year 4 have started to read Varjak Paw, our new class book for the remainder of this half term. This is a story that is very different to some of the other pieces of fiction that we read. The main character is a mysterious cat who we know very little about.

We have used the mystery surrounding the character of Varjak Paw to help Year 4 with their writing skills. The pupils have predicted what they think the outcome might be at the end of the story. We have considered some of the facts that we know about Varkak, and then thought about what challenges he might need to be overcome.

Other pupils have used a Dear Diary format to try and understand the motivations for the main character. How does he feel about some of the other characters? Why is he different to other cats? And is he really a cat?

Some of these thoughts are explored in the recording below.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and our religious learning has focussed recently on the Hindu story of Rama and Sita. The pupils have learnt about the sequence of events in the story, and what the significance might be for Hindu worshippers.

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