Year 5 Science Video

Our science work in Year 5 has introduced the pupils to the ideas of conduction and insulation. We have learnt that some materials are great conductors, whilst others are good insulators. A material that is a good conductor will be able to allow electricity to flow through it. The opposite can be said of an insulator.

We devised a series of short experiments to help us test which materials are good conductors, and which can be used an insulators. A simple electrical circuit was built consisting of a power source, some wires and a lightbulb. We left a gap in the circuit in which to test our predictions.


Various materials were then placed in the gap in the circuit to see if they could power the lightbulb. These included a metal strip, tin foil, rubber, paper, copper and a silver coin. If the material was able to carry a flow of electricity and light up the bulb, then we could conclude that it is a good conductor. If not, then then it would be an insulator.

All of the results were carefully logged in our science books. Year 5 were then able to come up with a conclusion to list which materials can conduct, and which can insulate. You can watch some of our science experimentations taking place in the video above.


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