Year 6 Friendship Assembly

Year 6 recently put on a very powerful school assembly based around the idea of friendship. We welcomed the other year groups into our presentation by playing the song You’ve Got a Friend.

The friendship theme was introduced in a number of different languages. The Year 6 pupils read out the word friendship in the many different languages that we are proud to speak at Michael Faraday School.


We then held a brief discussion to ask the other pupils what is meant by being a good friend. A number of statements were read out by a couple of Year 6 characters. These included ideas about friends having money, or friends being good listeners. We asked if each statement should be placed in the True or False bin.

The main activity in our friendship assembly was the performance of a short play. Year 6 told the story of Rose and Anna. The pupils acted out the story which shows how an old lady in a village called Rose had very few friends. Anna was her only true friend who had time to talk to her.

One day she inherited a large sum of money. All of a sudden Rose found that she had many new friends. They all wanted to borrow some money from her. Rose soon relaised that she had given all of her money away. She felt angry and was rude to Anna.

When the villagers found our that Rose had no more money to give away they were no longer interested in being her friend. Anna however came back to say that she was still her friend. The message in the story is that money can’t buy you friendship.

Year 6 concluded their friendship assembly by reading our a short poem about what it means to be a true friend.













Elsewhere around Year 6 and the students have been experimenting with printing as part of our ongoing art portrait project. The pupils were keen to ditch the traditional paint brush, and replace it with a number of different vegetable types to create a distinct print.

We have recreated original pieces of art such as the Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s self-portrait, Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe pop art piece and The Girl with a Pearl earring. You can listen to a couple of Year 6 artists explain a little more about this project in the recording below.





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