Nursery Resources & Learning Journals


The Nursery children are enjoying exploring some of the new resources that we have introduced during the past few weeks. The toy unicorns and dragons are a couple of firm favourites in the Nursery.


We have used this interest to try and think how we can help the unicorns and dragons. The children decided that they wanted to build a special house for them to live. This had to be somewhere safe where they could sleep at night. We decorated a couple of cardboard boxes with a colourful collage to help our new friends feel happy.


The Nursery now has many signs on display from the many different languages that are spoken at home by the children. Some of the parents have very kindly taken the time to write the number line from 1 to 10 in their native language for us to display in the Nursery.


We are also grateful to all parents and carers who have been helping out with the Learning Journal that each Nursery child has been putting together throughout the term. This is a personal record of our learning and development throughout the school year.


The teaching staff hold regular individual sessions with each class members. We explore ideas about what they like, and think about how we can include this information in our Learning Journal. New words are introduced to help improve our vocabulary.

The Learning Journals also display many photos to help us to capture the development of each class member in the Michael Faraday Nursery. It would be wonderful if any photos of the children taken over the half term break are shared at school when we return.

We would also like to thank the many parents and carers at home who regularly include their observations in the Learning Journals. The use of WOW stickers at home is also appreciated.

After the half term break we will start work ahead of our West End trip to see The Stickman at the Leicester Square Theatre. We will be introducing this lively character to the children, and then finding out about some of the adventures that he is able to go.


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