Reception Assembly Rehearsals


The Reception children are incredibly excited ahead of their special assembly that they will be staging for all parents and carers ahead of the half term break. This will be an opportunity for the children to showcase the progress that we have made across the school curriculum since the start of the school year.

Literacy and maths work will be the main focus for our assembly. Plus plenty of singing! The Reception children will be using music to demonstrate our understanding of phonics and the alphabet. There is also a maths based shapes song that describes some of the shapes that we have been learning about.


We hope that we aren’t giving too much away when we say that the Reception assembly will finish with a very catchy Goldilocks and the Three Bears song. This will set the theme for the post-assembly party – a Reception Teddy Bear Picnic! We have asked all of the children to bring in their favourite soft toy from home.

Special decorations have been made ahead of the assembly. Plenty of preparation and rehearsals have taken place. We are able to offer a sneak preview of some of the songs in the rehearsal videos below.

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