Year 1 Farmyard Poetry Video

Year 1 returned from our recent trip to Surrey Docks Farm inspired by the many animals that we were able to see and learn about. We have used this enthusiasm to help the children recite some poems all about the animals that we were able to see.

A number of different poems have been learnt by the children. After careful practise we were proud to then put on a short performance poetry session for our other friends in the school. Plenty of actions have been used to help put across the message in our poetry. We are pleased to be able to show a short recital from a couple of Year 1 friends in the video above.

The Year 1 farmyard work has also seen the children reading the Farmer Duck story. Our work has involved each class member sequencing different parts of the story into the correct order. We have been looking at the describing words and explaining why they might have been used during different parts in the Farmer Duck book.

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