Year 2 Black History Month


Year 2 have been celebrating Black History Month by finding out all about Mary Seacole. We have been comparing the life of the inspirational nurse with that of Florence Nightingale, another historical figure whom we have previously researched. We have asked the children to look for any similarities or differences in the lives of the two women.

Our Black History Month theme also saw Year 2 taking part in a fantastic dance workshop. We welcomed into our class a skilled African dancer. The children were able to learn some traditional African dance moves.

Recent literacy lessons in Year 2 have involved the children learning about the contribution played by various black people in the role of storytelling. We have watched a number of short videos featuring inspirational black people sharing their favourite story.

Year 2 have been thinking about what it takes to become a skilled storyteller, and then working on how we can improve our own storytelling delivery technique. A current Year 2 favourite is the series of stories told be Levar Burton, the actor famous for his role in Star Trek. We will be using some of the ideas contained in these stories to help us write our own poetry after the half term break.

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