Year 3 Create Musical Soundscapes


Year 3 have been introduced to a fascinating short film – The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore.


We watched this film together as a class, and then asked for any observations about the film. All of the pupils were able to point out that there were no words used in the film, only music. This led Year 3 to think about what affect music can have when we are trying to tell a story.


We split up into small groups, and then gave each table a selection of instruments, as well a picture depicting a scene from the film. We asked the children to work together and try to create a short sequence of music to accompany their picture.


Each group then shared their music at the end of the lesson. After the short performances we invited the children to explain what they were trying to achieve and how they went about this. The children were able to use some of the new musical vocabulary that we are introducing. This includes phrases such as crescendo and diminuendo.


You can listen to a short burst of each musical composition in the recording below.


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