Year 4 History and Dance Video


Year 4 have been producing some outstanding work this term based around our current history project of the Ancient Egyptians. Our learning has covered many areas of Ancient Egyptian life. We have been looking at the geography of the area and the importance of the River Nile; the culture of the Ancient Egyptians has been researched, as well as the language and the use of hieroglyphics.


The pupils were able to see many original Ancient Egyptian artefacts at first hand during our recent trip to the British Museum. These included genuine Egyptian Mummies, which held plenty of fascination for the Year 4 pupils.


Back in class and Year 4 have been understanding the complex process that it takes to Mummify a person that has passed away. We have seen how this can take a couple of months from start to finish. There are some rather gory elements involved as well.


The pupils have been ordering each step involved in this process. You can listen to a couple of pupils reading these out in the recording below.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and we have been celebrating diversity with a series of dance workshops. We welcomed Olivia, a professional dancer into our class. Olivia was able to introduce the Year 4 pupils to some of the skills involved in Flamenco dancing. We are happy to share a short selection of these in the video below.

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